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Common Mistakes to Avoid when You are in Search of a Life Partner

Finding someone to spend a lifetime with, is a journey. And like any journey, it takes time to reach your destination. But once you begin, there are chances that you may take some wrong turns along the way. It’s only natural. Thankfully, there is a list prepared below to ensure you swerve into the right direction just in time. Still confused? Read on and learn how you can avoid the mistakes while searching for a partner that could lead to a holy matrimony. 

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1. Not taking enough time to get to know them better

Whenever you meet someone new, you need to spend some time with them to know if you are compatible with them. But many a times, due to a lot of reasons or pressures, people agree to get married before they have built some form of connection with their potential match. This is not always a good idea as it is better to spend quality time and discuss life goals before you decide to tie the knot, whether you have met someone through matrimony platforms or your friends. 

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2. Letting your family take the decisions for you

Families always mean well but sometimes they tend to get a little ahead of themselves by thinking that they know better. Maybe they do, but there is no harm in having a say on whom you wish to marry. The decision should be yours because it is you who will be spending the rest of your life with your partner.

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3. Lack of emotional maturity 

Imagine living with someone who has no idea how to resolve a conflict without throwing a tantrum or thinks that you have to constantly declare your love for each other like they do in the movies. It could be quite a challenging relationship to be in. Such a person would feel more like a child than a companion. So, while you are ready to get married, make sure that the partner you choose is ready for marriage and has the emotional maturity to handle a relationship.

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4. Not addressing deal breakers

Healthy matrimonial relationships need both parties to make compromises but if you see red flags that make you rethink the relationship, do not ignore it. For example, when they joke about your career goals or if they make fun about the way you look. Another memorable example is the girl rejecting a rishta when the boy whistles to call the waiter in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S? It showed how he treated a person less privileged than him. There are some things you must never compromise.

5. Prioritising looks over personality 

Appearances are not more important than having an emotional connection with someone. The charm wears off at some point and then you are left to deal with the lack of depth in your relationship. So, while looks may be important, do not make your decision based on just that factor. Choose someone whose future life goals are similar to yours or agreeable to you. 

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Remember that you will be spending a lifetime with this person. Along with choosing a life partner, you are also choosing a travel partner, a co-parent, a permanent roommate and someone to grow old with. So, hopefully these tips will help you find ‘The One’ and join them in holy matrimony.

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