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Causes of a Clogged Drain

One of the most common causes of a clogged drain is the toys that our kids play with. These toys can get inside the pipes and cause a massive clog. These toys can also be very difficult to remove from the pipes. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent them.

Cigarette butts

Cigarette butts can clog up a toilet or sink drain. These pieces of discarded tobacco expand when they are soaked with water and cause a clog. To solve this problem, call a plumber to come and clear the drain.

Smoking butts contain toxic chemicals and irritate the water supply. This pollution is harmful to the environment and to aquatic life. It also contributes to sewage pollution, especially if the cigarette butts are not disposed of properly.

Toxic cigarette butts are so common that they can clog storm drains and sewers. They also blight communities that require regular litter pick-up. According to the California Department of Transportation, cigarette butts are the most frequently littered item on roads and beaches. They can also make their way into rivers and other bodies of water. Moreover, the plastic inside cigarette butts doesn’t degrade, meaning they accumulate on shorelines and in the bottom of bodies of water.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags clog sewers and drains, and are associated with the growth of bacteria and fungi. The toxins that are released when these bags enter the water are not just harmful to humans, but also affect other animals. In some areas, animals are even eating these plastic bags, which leads to a chain reaction and the eventual death of these animals.

To combat these problems, municipalities in the Bay Area are beginning to ban plastic bags. The bans were originally mandated as part of a state stormwater permit, and are expected to extend statewide. Last month, Assemblyman Marc Levine introduced AB 158, which calls for a ban on plastic bags by 2015.

Cooking oils

While pouring used cooking oil down the drain might seem like an easy solution, it can have negative consequences. Instead, try to find a way to recycle cooking oil properly. Many cities have programs in place to collect cooking oil for recycling. These programs can help keep harmful substances out of landfills.

Cooking oils can form a thick film on the inside of pipes, making them clogged. Even dish soap and hot water cannot remove the oil completely. This buildup of solidified oil can trap food bits and cause a major mess in your drain. These clogs can restrict water flow and cause a foul odor.

The best way to avoid this problem is to never pour cooking oil down the drain. Not only will this result in a clogged drain, but it will also damage your drain pipes. You can get an expensive repair if you try to pour it down the sink. However, if you know how to deal with cooking oils, you can continue to enjoy your bacon without worrying about a clogged drain.

Tree roots

While trees are beautiful and offer shade, they can also be a problem if they get in your pipes. The roots from trees can grow up to four times wider than the width of their canopy, and when they grow too far into the pipes, they can clog them. Although you may not see the roots directly, you can find out if they have invaded your pipes by looking at the signs they leave behind.

When roots grow into a drain, they will look for moisture and nutrients. Even a small crack or leak in your sewer pipe will attract them. They can also clog your drain and cause plumbing problems.

Plumbers can help with blocked drains in Melbourne or in the area you need assistance with.