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Casino Roulette: different types of roulette

Long considered a pastime for wealthy people, casino games, especially since the advent of the internet, have become games of chance for the general public and accessible to everyone. Casinos, whether “hard”, that is to say in a real Casino, or in an online Casino offer many different games, but the one that interests us here is Casino roulette. Before getting to the heart of the matter and talking about the mechanics of this increasingly popular game, we will see the difference between the different existing Casino Roulettes.

French Roulette

French Roulette is made up of 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36 (being one with the drum) alternately red and black, with the exception of course zero whose color is green. We, therefore, have an equal number of squares of different colors, 18 black squares, and 18 red squares.

The goal is therefore to bet on colors, or to bet on a number, obviously hoping that it comes out. French roulette is not limited by a maximum number of players around a table, again, whether it is online roulette or real casino roulette.

In gambling, you have your tokens with the value shown above. So you have to put these chips that represent the value of your bet on the number and color of your choice. At the French roulette table, you get 6 easy odds on either side of the table. Of course, on the one hand, you have False, Even, and Pass, and on the other, you have three other easy chances, Red, Odd, and almost.

To move forward, we need to talk about the staff who lead the ยูฟ่าเบท game and count four people. The management has 3 croupiers and a table manager that oversees the games and sees the proper functioning of the casino roulette. One of the croupiers is responsible for moving the players’ beds using his “own”.

In French casino roulette, if the ball lands on Zero, then players bet on one of the simplest we have seen above with a choice between a new bet, called a “prison” bet, or they can also choose. Sharing his first bet with the bank. In the latter case, the player, therefore, only takes half of his bet.

They are two different beds if they are zero:

  • Betting: The player receives half of his or her best from the dealer.
  • Arrest: This is a new time for roulette that will determine the player’s best behavior. So, the dealer places a bet on a special spot on the game board and runs a roulette wheel to see the player’s bet progress.
  • If the player’s chance to gamble arises, then the player returns his entire bet. If the ball still does not deliver to the winning player, the bet goes to the bank.

English roulette

Like French Roulette, English Roulette also has 37 places rated from 0 to 16. The similarities do not stop there as we get the same share of characters. 18 red squares and 18 other black squirrels. Zero is not a green square.

Thus, there is a very limited level of players at the English roulette table. Up to seven players can bet on various possible UFABET games.

Inside the Casino, players at the end of the table, or in some cases, all stand at the side of the table, which allows the dealer and manager of the table to oversee the game as much as possible and to ensure compliance.

If you follow good thinking and the fact that all players have to stand on one side, you will therefore experience another difference in the English roulette table compared to French roulette. All individual sites are on the other side of the table, in contrast to French roulette where the differences are evenly divided between the two sides. Another known difference is the colors of the symbol. Of course, in English roulette, each player has his or her own color symbol to prevent confusion and conflict between players.

In addition, each icon has its own script for managing any exchanges with neighboring table players. Each table, therefore, has its markers marked. As you can see, all the symbols are the same color inside the table. So how do determine the value of a brand? The answer is very simple, the value of the said signal is equal to the amount of small bet allowed on the table on which the player chooses to play.