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Caravan Accessories You Need In 2022

You have finally bought your favourite caravan and even though it has all the basics, you might still want to add a few more accessories. Not all caravan accessories are designed to be luxurious.

Some accessories are there to make you safer and more comfortable when you are away from civilisation.

Here’s a list of some of the accessories every caravan owner should have in 2022.

1. Get Those Solar Panels

Solar panels are cheap and easily available. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have a few solar panels on your caravan. These won’t cost much and allow you to use all the modern necessities of life even when you are far away from an electric switch.

If you invest in good quality batteries and enough solar panels (including foldable solar panels), you won’t have to worry about powering your TV, mobile devices, lights, fridges or any other electric appliance inside your RV.

2. Awnings

Nobody wants to spend all their time out in the sunshine. You want that sunlight but not all the time and this is why you should get a good quality awning. You can further add annex walls to increase the usable space that is private and secure.

3. Electric Brake Controllers

This brake controller is mounted on the tow vehicle and controls the caravan electric brakes. There are several brands and you should be able to find one that suits your needs and is within your budget.

4. Towing Mirrors and Reversing Camera

If you still haven’t invested in a reversing camera and proper towing mirrors, you should do it right now. These don’t cost much but these do enhance your safety many times. These simple accessories help in eliminating blind spots and allow you to travel in a safer manner.

5. Electronic Stability Control

If your RV does not have electronic stability control, you should get it today. It helps in reducing the stopping distance and allows you to have better control over your caravan. It will be of great help in a towing emergency.

6. Caravan Cover

Invest in a proper cover to protect the exterior of your caravan. It also helps in reducing the probability of caravan theft.

7. Levelling Ramp

Nobody thinks they will need a levelling ramp but the more they travel, the more they understand the need to invest in this simple but extremely useful accessory. A ground that looks level might not be level and that’s going to make things uncomfortable for you inside the caravan. Invest in a few of these and you will soon find what you have been missing so far.

8. Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit

Usually, everyone has these accessories in their RV or in their towing vehicle but we are still including these here to make sure you check these before taking out the caravan for that adventure.

Final Thoughts

Caravanning is supposed to be fun and it’s mostly fun until you have an unexpected problem. Having a few of these accessories will make your life more comfortable and safer when you are away from your home. These don’t cost much and add a lot of value to your caravanning experience.

What more would you want to add to your list of caravan accessories? Leave your answer in the comments below.