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Can A Family Member’s Criminal Record Affect Me?

It can be a difficult time for you and your family if one of your close family members has a criminal conviction. It is difficult to understand what this may mean for your family members and their future. You may be wondering if your family member’s criminal conviction can affect you and in what ways.

Although a family member’s criminal convictions and criminal record will hinder their reputation and their future opportunities, the criminal record would most likely not directly affect or impact you, although it may have second-hand effects on your life depending how close you are with the family member who has a criminal record. Some of the decisions you may wish to make with a family member who has a criminal record about adoption, travelling, or finding a house to rent may be impacted.

It may be beneficial to seek advice from Sydney criminal lawyers, as they are able to assist and answer any questions you may have about what areas of your life may be affected and the best way to overcome these obstacles!

What are the impacts of a criminal record?

A criminal history will generally be present on your family members criminal record for 10 years before it may be possible to have the offence removed from your record. The eligibility to have the offence removed from the record will depend on the type of offence and the severity of the offence.

As your criminal record will be relevant for at least 10 years in most cases, it may impact the family members ability for employment, as well as their ability to apply for opportunities. In some cases, a family members criminal record may possibly impact your ability to:

Get approved for a rental property

If you and your family are looking for a home to rent, your family member’s criminal conviction may affect the application process and outcome of your application. Many landlords will request a range of background information and checks to be undertaken if you are applying for a rental home. These checks and processes will generally include a criminal history for the people who are applying for the rental property.

During the application process it may be difficult to get approved for a rental home, as many landlords will have the preference to not accept your application if your family member who is applying with you has a criminal history.

Travel internationally and apply for a visa

Travelling with a criminal record can make travelling processes and applications a lot more difficult, which is something to take into consideration if you are planning to travel, specifically overseas, with a family member who has had a previous criminal conviction.

In order to apply for an international visa, many countries require a criminal record check before it is approved. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to travel with your family member if you are planning on travelling internationally and you require a visa due to these processes.

Be successful in adopting

If your partner has a criminal history, it may prevent you from being able to adopt successfully. Adoption in Australia is a lengthy process which requires a number of background checks.

Adoption agencies are extremely selective in who they approve to adopt a child, as their first priority is to give children a safe and loving home. Even if you are able to provide a loving home, your partners or family members past criminal history may prevent you from being successful in the adoption process as there are many people on waiting lists, with a large application list, making the application and selective process extremely meticulous.

Do you require assistance from a criminal lawyer about your family members criminal conviction?

Generally, a family member’s criminal history will not directly impact you, although if you are planning to apply to rent a home, adopt a child or travel internationally with your family member, their criminal record may impact the success of the applications.

If you are wanting to reach out to a criminal lawyer about your family member’s criminal conviction, criminal law firms Sydney aim to provide the best results possible for their client! Criminal lawyers are able to provide detailed information about how your family member’s criminal record may impact your future life decisions and to what extent.

Criminal offences are serious matters and can be difficult to understand the charges and their consequences. This is why it is best to receive advice from a reputable and knowledgeable criminal lawyer who can assist in your personal circumstance.