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Buyers Guide: 12 key questions to ask before buying a house

Buying a new house is a long-term commitment. From securing a pre-approval for the mortgage to paying the downpayment, and let’s not forget about all the research, time and money that goes into buying a house. And, you need to find the right estate agent. If you’re buying a place in Beckenham, you will have to meet quite a few estate agents in Beckenham before choosing the right one. The house-hunting process is long and tiresome, and it can take weeks, if not months, to find the right house. But, before you decide to sign the dotted line, here are the 12 most important questions that you need to ask before buying a house.

1 What is my budget?

The first question that you need to ask is to yourself. What is your budget and how much can you comfortably afford to spend on your new home? After all, you need to save for a downpayment and pay off the mortgage, comfortably. You need to ask yourself this question before you even start looking at properties.

2 What is the total cost?

The ‘cost’ of a new house is so much more than the sale value. The cost of a property includes the cost of the property itself, the cost of inspection and appraisals, homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance, land and property taxes and of course, the fees of the real estate agent.

3 What does the sale include?

Yes, you are getting the building when you buy the house, but what else does the sale include? Are the lighting fixtures included in the sale? Any appliances? What about some furniture? By asking this question, you will know exactly what the sale includes and how much you will need to spend to make this house your home.

4 Are there any safety concerns?

During the inspection, ask the inspector to look out for things such as lead paint, black mould and any sort of infestations.

5 What is the area like?

The area and location are of utmost importance. Ask your estate agent about the crime statistics in the area. What are the neighbourhood amenities like? Are there any up and coming projects or developments in the area? What is the traffic situation like? Is this area well connected to the city centre? In the wake of this pandemic and with a focus on getting outside in nature, buyers are now vying for homes in Pinetop AZ where they can enjoy the fresh mountain air directly in their own back yard. When buying a home always make sure the crime is low in the area and check a crime heat map, you can find these on our county websites or with a quick google search Jacob Michal, CEO Of Columbus Ohio House Buyers

6 What are the neighbours like?

Ask the owner questions about the neighbours. Are the neighbours noisy? Have you had any issues with the neighbours? After all, you don’t want a neighbour who is going to call the cops to complain about silly issues. In fact, the best thing to do is to meet the neighbours so you have a fair idea of what they are all about.

7 How long has the property been on the market?

If a property has been on the market for very long, then the owner is highly likely to negotiate a good deal to finally sell the place. However, if the property has recently come on the market then the owner might be less likely to negotiate and you might be up against multiple prospective buyers who also like the property. Basically, the answer to this question will help you understand how much you can negotiate and when to make a move.

8 What is the average sale price of homes in the area?

You need to know the average price of homes in the area to know how much you should pay for your new home. Say, you are buying a house in Orpington. Get in touch with a few estate agents in Orpington and then make an offer accordingly.

9 Why is the owner selling the place?

Sometimes, the owner is just selling the place to downsize or because they are moving for their job or something as simple as that. However, there are times when the owner is selling because there is something majorly wrong with the property. Plus, the reason for sale will give you a fair understanding of how much the owner is willing to negotiate the final sale value.

10 Has the property undergone any major renovations?

Your real estate agent and property inspector should be able to answer this question, as well as the owner. If the property has had any recent upgrades or renovations, make sure to ask the seller for all the details.Read more about f95zone

11 Is this area prone to natural disasters?

The last thing you want is to have your home damaged or broken due to natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, earthquakes or cyclones. So, just ask the real estate agent and the owner if the area you are interested in is prone to any natural disasters. Just this simple yes or no question could save you a whole lot of money. The bridge loan lenders is a short term financing method where the company collect short term fund. 

12 Has the owner filed for any insurance claims? 

To understand the history of the property, as well as the history of any damage to the property, ask the owner to share a copy of their insurance claim report. Visiting this site you can know how does a bridge loan work.