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Best Slot Games in 2020

Recently, the popularity of slots at mrluck.com has risen at an unparalleled pace. This is partly attributed to online gaming being adopted. The casino business can now be accessed online. This has guaranteed that slots are now much simpler to navigate. They’re easy and fast games that make them appeal to a wide core demographic.

Mobile slot demand has been strong, and it is still growing today. 2020 has only seen a rise in the success of slot games. Here is a selection of the best slot games to play in 2020.

7s to Burn slot

7s to burns is not packed with postmodernist components and complex techniques, unlike most smartphone slots. It is really similar to the slots in a typical casino that you can still find today. It is widely known as a vintage slot. This is because there is no unique dystopian style or a huge number of progressive jackpots available. Very literally, it’s a slot which has common fruit symbols on it. Thanks to its versatility and old-fashioned style, its success is high even in 2020. 

Mega moolah

This slot is mentioned a lot. This is mainly because its success has continued to rise ever since its initial release. From the moment it was introduced, gamers fell addicted to this slot. The shocking aspect is that it has a relatively low RTP. Most gamers should play slots with an RTP of 90% or higher to have a decent chance of winning a jackpot. Most online slots offer RTPs of around 95%. This online slot has an RTP of 88.12%. The possible jackpot puts its popularity into perspective. Gamers have walked away from this game as millionaires. Some have even won over ten million. With the chance of changing your life and a minimum bet of only £0.01, its success is no surprise.

Goblins cave

A new slot for 2020. Goblins cave has had thousands among thousands of players this year. It is one of the most (if not the most) popular slot game of 2020. Without any bonuses and a 3×3 reel, its success is slightly surprising. Gamers are drawn to the goblin graphics and its high RTP of 95.7%. This slot is also compatible with all mobile and operating services, meaning we can all play it.


Another classic online slot. Starburst continues to prevail in popularity. Starburst offers free spins and lots of additional bonuses. There are immersive and colourful visuals, one feature that makes mobile slots so successful. An enjoyable and exciting mobile slot, Starburst is a perfect illustration of a successful slot. With an impressive RTP of 96.01%, gamers love this slot.

Find your favourite slot

These are just a few suggestions of my personal favourite online slots. There are so many choices for you to choose from. 2020 is full of many great slots, find the one that appeals the most to you.
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