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Not many of us are aware of the role of bail bondsmen in society. In communities segregated by socioeconomic status, these individuals bridge the justice gap. Poor populations are overrepresented amongst those arrested in California, and bail bond businesses ensure that they have the adequate means to post bail at a fraction of the cost.

The Bailing Process: In Sacramento, bails can be set anywhere from $500 to $100,000, depending on the alleged misdemeanor or crime. For many families, meeting these amounts can be a financial hardship. If someone you know is in custody solely due to economic reasons, contact a Sacramento bail bondsman now. The agent posts bail after collecting a small non-refundable fee of 10%, claimed as a down payment. No additional charges or interests are required. Further, they provide customized payment plans if needed.

However, not all that glitters is gold. In case the defendant fails to appear at their trial, essentially “jumping” bail, the bail bond business will lose 90% of the amount it paid unless they can track down the ‘skip’ and bring them back to court. That is why state licensure or permits often allow these bondsmen to carry guns.

Gun Permits: It is not surprising that firearms are permitted for use in this profession. One is dealing with a fugitive, and there are several risks involved while operating these businesses.

  • Overburdened police departments lack the time and resources to pursue those that skip bail. This is where bounty hunters step in to investigate and track their probable location.
  • Bail bonds enforcers are appointed by the bond business and are entitled to a portion (10-20%) of the bail amount for a successful apprehension.

Bail enforcement agents: Commonly known as bounty hunters, they are trained officials with the right to own and carry guns. Generally, every jurisdiction has its legal guidelines with regards to operating with firearms to apprehend bail jumpers. Since their operations are as risky as law enforcement officers, they need to be fully equipped and prepared for the job, in order to tackle potentially dangerous fugitives.

Gun Safety Training: Bounty hunters are legally required to complete a gun safety court in the interests of public protection. Only then can they start carrying weapons that they have to keep hidden. Moreover, a State permit should always be carried.

  • In case the license has expired, they must deposit the gun and renew it. Usually, at least a 20-hours gun training workshop is a prerequisite, along with safe handling training.
  • To prevent misuse or overuse, agents are instructed to work closely with law enforcement. Furthermore, if possible, they should opt for non-lethal methods such as pepper spray. Most importantly, they should use the minimum force required to prevent harm, mitigate the situation and capture the bail jumper.
  • Lastly, they are required to notify the police of a planned apprehension at least 6 hours beforehand.

Remember, the sole purpose of carrying a concealed firearm is for self-defense. In case one has inadvertently missed a court date, they should surrender to the bond agent or legal authority and avoid any harm or further complications.