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Augmented Rhinoplasty adds charm to the face.

Rhinoplasty is part of the beauty routine to create balance on the face. This is easy, quick, and you can see results immediately. The experience and expertise of the surgeon is the key to making sure the results are satisfactory. Edit the proportions as needed. depending on the structure of the nose and the patient’s face less complication Therefore, studying the information before undergoing rhinoplasty will help you make the right decision.

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nose surgery

Nose augmentation can be done in a number of ways, including:

1) Rhinoplasty (Augmented Rhinoplasty)

Silicone rhinoplasty from USA and Korea Available in both standard and open designs that add decoration to the tip of the nose.

– Standard type, no external wound

– Open type, there will be a small wound (Columella) outside. Blurry vision This method has advantages that can correct the problem of the tip of the nose or reduce the size of the tip of the nose to be slender and beautiful.

Surgical method

After designing the silicone to match the face shape The doctor will make an appointment for the day of surgery. On the day of surgery, the doctor will inject local anesthesia around the nose area. Some people may use sleeping pills as well. Then the doctor will add silicone (Medical Grade Silicone) under the bone membrane. (Subperiostium) on the bridge of the nose through a small incision about 1 cm on the inside of the nose and sutured closed. The surgery takes about 1 hour. After the surgery, you can go home. The doctor will make an appointment after the surgery to check the order until completely healed.

2) Rhinoplasty using ear cartilage

In addition to using silicone (Silicone Implant), you can also use your own cartilage. It comes from the ear or other areas such as the cartilage blocking between the nasal passages or the ribs to help enhance the nose tip to look naturally taller and prevent the penetration of silicone implants at the tip of the nose. In which rib cartilage is selected for patients who do not want to use silicone or have problems from previous rhinoplasty, they cannot use silicone.

This surgery takes a minimum of 3 hours. The patient may need general anesthesia if the patient is unable to sleep for a long time or is afraid. After the surgery, he had to spend one night in the hospital to recuperate.


People who are suitable for rhinoplasty must be aged 16 years or over.

Preparation before rhinoplasty

1) Provide detailed health information to the doctor, including:

health problems

– Serious disease / congenital disease

– History of surgery and anesthesia

– Rocking teeth, dentures and dental problems

– Drug allergy / food allergy

2) In case of having a risk condition or congenital disease, the body will be prepared for surgery and general anesthesia, including:

– X-ray

– blood test

– ECG examination

– Consulting a doctor specializing in internal medicine

3) Refrain from using certain medications, tonics, and herbs that may affect the surgery. at least 7 days before surgery

– painkillers

– aspirin

– Vitamin D, Vitamin C

– cod liver oil

4) Abstain from smoking about 6 weeks before the surgery to prevent tissue ischemia. cause tissue death If you smoke heavily, you must inform your doctor immediately. and should refrain from smoking at least 2 weeks after the surgery

5) Stop drinking alcohol within 24 hours before surgery. and should stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week after surgery

6) Take a shower to cleanse your body and wash your hair.

7) Do not use cosmetics.

8) Abstain from food and water before surgery as prescribed by the doctor. This is to prevent aspiration of gastric juice or food particles from the stomach into the lungs during anesthetic administration.