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Are Slots Really Random?

Pure fact! All slots are not the same. There are Class II slots that are pre-programmed to have a specified number of winning tickets amongst a larger bunch of tickets, and there are Class III slots, the real slot machines, that run on RNG. So whenever we mention slots later in this write-up, know that we are majorly talking about Class III slots.

Random Number Generator (RNG) enables slots to generate as many numbers as possible randomly when you hit the spin button. At least, so they say, but then, one would wonder, is it possible for a casino to place its profit generation in the hands of chance or luck? Would a multi-million-dollars casino fully depend on luck to make its wealth? Is any program developed by a man really random? – after all, he who pays the piper dictates the tune. 

How Do Slots Work?

Most of the time, slots have three or more reels, each having a number of symbols (usually 20 or more). Slots contain random number generators that can generate thousands of numbers per second, each having a different combination of symbols. You win when you generate a number that matches a pay line of symbols – why not play slots without download?

Random and Slots Should Never Be in the Same Sentence

Many are adamant on the belief that slots are not really random, but some have managed to be convinced that slots are really random. Anyways, we are rest assured that whatever side of the coin you end up with, you should have a reason for it. Saying Slots are random is nothing but an oxymoron, and here is why we think so:

  •       If slots are really run by a mathematical model, they cannot be TRULY random.
  •       One moment, similar features and symbols are coming up successively, and later those features and symbols are so scarce. The rhyme defeats random.
  •       One moment, you are steadily winning by playing a certain small amount, e.g. £1, and the moment you decide to bet a little more amount, e.g. £3, you begin to lose like it wasn’t the same slot you have been playing with before. Too deliberate to be random.
  •       The machine pays back a certain percentage of the money played through it. Too mathematical to be random.
  •       A big win is always followed by a losing streak. It almost seems like the machine is seeking to regain the amount lost. Too intelligent to be random.
  •       One moment, you have 2 to 3 bonus rounds in a short interval, and soon enough, there is a drought of bonus rounds for many moons. Too systematic to be random.
  •       From left to right: high paying symbols are more frequent on the 1st reel, slightly less frequent on the 2nd reel, lesser on the 3rd reel, scarce on the 4th reel and virtually absent on the last reel. Once again, too systematic to be random.
  •       Unpopular Opinion: Slots are timed, not random, but you may need luck in pressing the spin at the right time. What is timed cannot be called Random.
  •       Slots are coded by humans to do a certain job and are therefore only as random as the developer. Safe to say, it is PSEUDO-RANDOM, not random.

Now that you know that slots are not as random as the manual reads, wager wisely!