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Are Instagram Poll Results Still Visible After 24 Hours?

If you’ve ever made an Instagram poll, you may be wondering if the results are still visible after 24 hours. You can easily find the results by visiting your account’s story. To find out how many people viewed and voted, click the “Seen by X” button at the bottom of the screen yourjobnews.

Instagram polls are an interesting way to gauge audience reaction to your content. You can use them to engage with your customers and create a bonding experience. They’re also a great way to drive traffic to a link. Just make sure that the poll is mysterious and teasing. Once the results are available, they can be shared on your blog or used as a content strategy careerpioneer.

Once you’ve created your poll, you should share the results within 24 hours. You can also share the results on your Instagram story getcareergoal. This way, you’ll know exactly how many people have voted and which ones have not. This way, you’ll know what your audience wants to see and what they don’t.

Instagram polls have become one of the most popular marketing tools on the platform makeidealcareer. They take mere seconds to create and can provide you with invaluable insights. You can also use them to do market research or learn about your target audience. Just add a poll sticker to your post and your followers can choose which answer they want to see jobexpressnews.