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Anime News Network

Anime News Network is a news website covering anime, manga, video games, and related cultures from North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan, and elsewhere. The network claims to be a “flagship for the anime industry”, and claims that it is “the world’s most popular news site.” However, the website is not without flaws. Read on to discover the worst of Anime News Network, and why you should avoid subscribing to it.

Anime News Network is a rip-off of CNN

The Anime News Network is one of the most hated animixplay news outlets. For the most part, the network is run by elitist and cynical journalists who seem to think they’re cooler than everyone else. Despite its reputation as an online news source, many of the site’s users are also linked to the notorious underground anime forum Colonydrop, which is notorious for nostalgia pandering and cynicism.

Anime News Network demonizes anime fans

If you are an anime fan, then you have probably noticed the recent outrage over Anime News Network’s hypocritical demonization of fans of the genre. This outlet has an elitist editorial board and journalistic team with a morally reprehensible record of defending corrupt voice actors and demonizing venere fans. Its staff and users are all linked to the notorious underground anime forum Colonydrop, a site known for its nostalgia pandering and cynical approach to anime.

This article is a prime example of the media bias exhibited by ANN. It was a good story a couple of years ago, but ANN has been using biased staff from the failed Channel Awesome venture to slant its stories in the wrong direction. The resulting slant on the story has led many to doubt its veracity. The article’s author’s name is not even an actual person, but a satire of anime fans.

Anime News Network has a poor Net Promoter Score

Anime News Network is an online news platform that offers anime encyclopedias, forums, surveys, contests, and more. However, its customer service has not been rated very well, with a -17 Net Promoter Score according to the company’s own Net Promoter Score. That’s a relatively low score for such a large company, as the company has failed to impress many customers.

The reason the newsvine News Network has a low Net Promoter Score is due in part to the fact that it is an imitation of CNN, a news site known for its elitism and morally hypocritical staff. The news website is also associated with the notorious underground anime forum Colonydrop, whose staff are well known for their nostalgia pandering. This is a particularly bad sign, as many fans of the site have a negative impression of the company.

Anime News Network’s “Answerman” section is poorly researched

While the network’s “Answerman” department has a decent track record, their news section is a disaster. Not only is the information provided by Answerman sloppy and unreliable, but the editors are also prone to bias. Zac Bertschy, one of the network’s most notorious staff members, was a progressive SJW with an elitist weeaboo-like nature. Zac’s anti-moe views, lack of research, and overall poor attitude towards anime make this section an abomination.

Another major problem with the “Answerman” section is its lack of depth in research. It’s difficult to know what is true and what isn’t, and miiverse News Network’s “Answerman” section is no exception. Aside from the fact that the “Answerman” section is often slanted and unreliable, the site is a useful tool for finding anime-related news, but it lacks a real branch in Japan.

Anime News Network can be intimidating

The Anime News Network is not an ideal place to start if you’re a newcomer to the world of anime. It’s elitist, and the journalistic staff is morally holier than thou. Its most prominent editor, who has a history of ethical problems, publicly mocked fans of the anime series Battle Angel Alita. Some members of the staff are even associated with the notorious underground anime forum Colonydrop, where nostalgia pandering and cynical commentary about anime is the norm.

ANN’s editorial staff believes that only certain voices have legitimacy. As such, they only recognize voices from the anime industry. While non-industry voices might be given tentative legitimacy if they parrot the words of anime industry insiders, ANN editors do not accept them as their own. As a result, their opinions and views are distorted by a privileged position in the industry. ANN’s editorial board does not want to be criticized because they feel it will harm their business.

Anime News Network has no sense of accountability

The editors of ANN have clearly failed to grasp the concept of objectivity, and instead subscribe to both-sides-ism. They ignored the power imbalance in the industry while seeking an unattainable lack of bias. ANN’s editors have also amplified hateful rhetoric by giving it legitimacy and weight. They have failed to follow established methodologies for reporting on bigotry and bias. They should remove the word ‘news’ from their titles.

To conclude

The editorial team at Anime News Network is incredibly arrogant and lacks a sense of accountability. They repeatedly mocked the death of the character Totalbiscuit, and their journalistic team has no sense of accountability. Their editorial team has a long history of ethical problems, including mocking the deaths of female fanatics in anime shows, while downplaying Funimation’s hypocrisy and pushing false news.