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Amazing Road Trip Destinations on Your Motorbikes

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales or NSW, is also Australia’s largest and most popular city.  It is best known for the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. With an area of 10.3 square miles, this city stretches from Lake Macquarie in the north, Botany Bay in the south, the Blue Mountains in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east. A vast spread to cover on your motorbike. With this, the best travel buddy you can ever have is a good motorcycle, such as yamaha motorcycles sydney or backwoods – whatever your expedition includes! 

So, gear up, mount your motorbikes and burn up the road to these amazing destinations:

1. City tour

The best way to start any tour is to leisurely drive through the city at night, immerse yourself in the night lights. Cruise by the Harbour Bridge, one of the longest steel arch bridges in the world, and then ride back through the Tunnel. The Sydney Harbour Tunnel, a twin-tube road tunnel, provides a secondary crossing of Sydney Harbour to ease traffic congestion on the Harbour Bridge. Then swing by Potts Point and admire its art deco buildings. Potts Point and Woolloomooloo are harbourside suburb points linked to Sydney’s early colonial past, which is evident in its beautifully preserved residences, musical theatres, movie studios, architectural book shops and hip cafes and boutiques.  

2. New South Wales Southern Coast

Less than an hour ride from Sydney’s central business district is the Great Pacific Drive. A 140-kilometre coastal road that will take you through rainforests, rivers, old volcanoes and rugged coastlines and over the iconic Seacliff Bridge. Enjoy roadside stops for local produce and berries. Drop-in on any of their seafood restaurants for a local fish and chip fare. 

3. Victoria Central Highlands

This could be where your good life ends for the day. Victoria’s Central Highlands has the highest concentration of natural springs. This little Europe in the Australian highland is dotted with pretty-as-a-picture spas, English gardens, and breathtaking lakes. You can spend a relaxing evening in a gorgeous country home while in town.

Conquer the rolling hills and jagged mountain peaks early the next day, but only after enjoying a Brioche French Toast or Quinoa Potato Cakes and Gravlax. 

4. The Great Ocean Road

A 280-kilometre stretch of the most scenic coastal drives in the world. The twists, turns and curves will give you maximum ride experience. Yamaha motorcycles, Sydney or otherwise, provide riding ease to enthusiasts to maximise road mobility. Again, you will hit quaint small towns for some good coffee shops, artisan ice cream shops, and world heritage sites. Never-miss stops are 12 Apostles, Port Campbell and Bay of Islands for instagrammable sunset views.

5. Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This mountain range takes on a hint of blue from a distance. It is known for its rich population of Eucalyptus trees, which scatter and disperse droplets of its oil in the atmosphere that produces the blue tinge haze when combined with water vapour and dust particles. 

6. Snowy Mountains

The Snowies, as it is fondly called and known, is Australia’s highest peak at 7,710 feet high. This route could easily be the highlight of your riding adventure. You may throw caution to the wind and rev up through numerous fantastic sweepers.


When the rubber meets the road, there is no turning back. It is never about the hours on the road, but the pleasure of breathing fresh air, enjoying quiet sceneries while gliding through twisties, and the joy of getting out of the city hustle for a good break.