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Accessories You Will Need for Your Overland Adventures

There’s something incredible and rewarding about an overland adventure; getting away from technology, spending some time in the great outdoors, and connecting with loved ones. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is important, and this is why overland adventures are so valuable. 

But what accessories will you need for your trip?

High-Quality Canvas Swag 

Of course, what is an overland adventure without a canvas swag? These days, you’ll find all sorts of unique swags for sale, with a variety of designs available online, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. While some are designed for one person, others are larger with a dome shape and plenty of room inside. Make sure it’s enclosed to keep you protected from pests overnight and you’ll be comfortable throughout the trip. 

Satellite Phone or Messenger

Most people on an overland adventure want to leave all cell phones and other devices behind, and this is an attractive premise. This being said, you still need a way to reach out for help in an emergency. You might like to think as though an emergency won’t happen, but the truth is that you can’t guarantee this fact. 

If satellite phones are too expensive for what you need, you’ll also find satellite messengers these days that are slightly more affordable. 


Just because you’re out in the wild, this doesn’t mean you should have to eat salads and other cold meals the whole time. Instead, invest in an advanced stove and your trip will be accompanied by some delicious meals. With push-button ignition and plenty of other features, you can prepare tasty meals after a long day of walking and/or driving. 

Water Purifier 

If you’re to learn the lessons of adventurers gone by, you should also pack a water purification system. Fortunately, these are now more affordable than ever (and the designs are also incredibly simple!). With the right purifier, you’ll remove bacteria, protozoa, sediment, silt, viruses, and more from the water before drinking. 

Fire Extinguisher 

Again, most adventurers like to think that the worst will never happen to them. However, evidence suggests that fires are a risk on overland adventures. With a small fire extinguisher, you not only have protection against fires, but you also have peace of mind should something go wrong. 

Deflator Kit 

When planning an overland adventure, it’s normal to picture flat landscapes and simple paths. In reality, you’re likely to encounter rock, sand, and other obstacles. To increase traction and improve your driving over such obstacles, a deflator kit removes some of the air in your tyres. After deflating, an air compressor will add air to the tyres once more. 

Extra Fuel 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Who says that you won’t get caught between petrol stations unknowingly? For this reason, it’s best to carry some extra fuel in a Jerry can or another container. When driving off-road, you’ll burn through fuel quicker so it’s wise to have some extra in the car. 

First Aid Kit

Even with small adventures, you or a loved one may fall or get hurt in another way. With a fully-stocked first aid kit, you’re ready to treat any ailments that come. As before, this is something that you don’t realise you’re missing until you need it. 

Other Accessories

You might also want to consider the following for an overland adventure: 

  • Winch 
  • Jack 
  • Radio 
  • Personal Locator Beacon 
  • Hatchet 
  • Shovel (folding design) 

If you are planning to go on a vacation and have never been there yet, then Overland Adventures may be the perfect choice for you. You can visit the country and its territories which will allow you to explore your adventurous side and have a great time at the same time. Click here for more info about the things required for adventure vacation.