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A New Way to Work Effectively and Healthy at Your Desk

Have you heard about a working desk that makes you work effectively and healthy? It may be new to some, but it is popular nowadays. These are standing desks which are adjustable-height desks where you can either sit or stand while working. Companies claimed that standing desks provide health benefits, such as reducing back pain, weight loss, lower blood sugar, improved mental health, lower cholesterol, and longer life span.

Many studies have shown that 88 calories are burnt while standing and 80 calories when working while sitting. Sitting long can cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a shorter life, and some types of cancer. Experts have been advising people to stand while working for 15 minutes to one hour. 

After meals, blood sugar returns faster to people who are standing than sitting down. But standing longer can also cause body pain. Mixing up standing and sitting in your daily routine can solve the usual issues of body ache and pain. Surely it will make a big difference! Hence, choosing a working desk that promotes good health makes one work effectively.

Beat the Inactivity through Standing Desk

Aside from the health benefits, working on a Standing Desk can boost your mood and energy level, making you feel alive, active, and productive while working. But it is not a replacement to exercise; you only burn a few calories with it. NQ Physiotherapy Townsville informs us that some of their patients take standing desks too far, this can happen because standing longer puts pressure on your knees, hips, and feet, causing pain and poor body posture. Hence, a combination of sitting and standing while working advisable for posture. Moreover, some work is easier done when standing or sitting down. Experts suggest that you split your time 50-50 for standing and sitting. Choosing an adjustable standing desk will make it easier for you to adjust your working posture. For working does not mean an active lifestyle. It is a work with workable movement.

Proper Ways of Use Standing Desk

Since standing for a longer period is not good for you. Habitually sit down and stand up several times a day, make sure that your body is properly aligned. Standing straight, put the monitor on your eye level and your elbows. It would be best if you formed a 90 degree angle when your wrist is on the desk. Wear appropriate footwear with no heels and stand on a cushioned mat for more support and balance. Take time to leave your desk and walk, have a quick chat with your colleagues, grab a drink, or breathe the fresh air outside. Also, nothing beats a great regular exercise per day. A change of work lifestyle can help you live healthier and happier. 

Choosing the Best Standing Desk for You

Now that you understand why people are buying these new trendy desks, here are some things you need to consider when purchasing one. The size, materials, and colour of the desk are the basic factors you should consider.

  • Size: Choose the one that is manoeuvrable and fits your height or length of your legs and arms. And choose a size which is comfortable for you. Some desks have built-in cable management.
  • Materials: Select a desk with a sturdy metal frame and have a dual-motor that can change the desk’s height quickly, with a smooth and quiet transition.
  • Colour: Pick a desk with colours like white, black, or wooden types. Colourful tables are disturbing to some. 

Remember, a Standing Desk can be wobbly when extended to a higher level. So, please select one that has built-in stability braces so that it will remain stable when lifted. Also, consider your budget. You can still find the best one without overspending.

With today’s lifestyle and sedentary work, one’s health is put at risk without being aware. Taking breaks and getting your legs and blood moving should be included in your daily routine. It will help you work better and live effectively with the right desk, resulting in a productive lifestyle.