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8 Ways to Level up Your Business’s SEO Rankings in 2021

Is your website where you intended it to be? Are you driving high-quality traffic to your site from Google? According to statistics from Ahrefs, over 90% of pages do not get organic search traffic from Google. If this frustrates you, you have plenty of company.

It is time to break out of the pack and finally supercharge your organic traction with a Brisbane SEO provider. Fortunately, hiring a reputable company such as SEO companies in Brisbane helps with this goal. Read on and learn how to level up your SEO rankings for better visibility, leads, and overall performance of your website.

How much business is conducted online in Brisbane?

According to statistics, the e-commerce market in Brisbane is snowballing along with the rest of Australia. The country is the 11th largest e-commerce market in the world. The online landscape of retail shops grew by over 3.4%.

1. Organize the architecture of your website

You must check if your website is effortless to navigate. Examine if the hierarchical structure is logical. URL structures are critical. Every folder and subfolder of your URL will provide search engines with additional context regarding what the pages are about and how the URL will relate to the overall website.

When organizing your site’s architecture, please pay close attention to the information you provide and enable visitors to find what they want effortlessly. If your users can access pages within three clicks, it will ensure a healthy crawl performance by Google when it scans your website.

2. Lesson load time

When checking your site speed, prioritize mobile performance. Users of mobile are often on slower Internet connections. But even so, these users expect pages to load as fast as desktops.

3. Mobile-friendly site

More people are utilizing mobile gadgets and devices. Users are now using their smartphones rather than their desktop when doing searches—the majority of companies, such as retailers, target younger audiences who are primarily on their mobile devices.

Because of this burgeoning mobile traffic, Google has focused on mobile and regarded it as the future. For example, Google announced that it will shift to mobile-first indexation, which it currently states will be completed for every website worldwide by this year.

4. Optimize your content for search intent

A reliable strategy to level up your SEO for optimal digital marketing ROI is to match your content with the user’s search intent.

For example, when the user keys in “best product,” they likely are looking for a third-party review of the best options. However, if they key in “product reviews,” they want an opinion list about a specific product. If a user keys in “products near me,” they intend to visit the brick-and-mortar to purchase or pick up an item. Finally, if they key in “what is a product,” they want a definition or more information about a specific category.

Brisbane residents, like the rest of Australia, are on their computers, gadgets, and devices for online shopping. This shift from brick-and-mortar is more apparent among younger people, with 62% of 18 to 25-year olds shopping online.

5. Optimize your images

Pictures and other images are awesome for your website. But you need to ensure that they are correctly optimized if you want these images to level up your SEO rankings. You need to factor in critical aspects such as the file format and size. Massive images can significantly slow down your loading time which will impact your rankings. Thus, you must resize or compress your images to improve them for SEO.

You can also utilize images to stealthily place keywords. For example, if your website sells beauty products, instead of naming an image lipstick1, you could name it the best lipstick for brunettes.

You can also sneakily utilize keywords in the title of your image and the caption or description.

6. Make your content more readable with header tags

Headings are a terrific way to help enhance the user experience on your website. It helps break up content and makes it more effortless to read or scan.

Additionally, headers make content look more attractive, which is always an advantage. If your website is purely text, it will turn off people from reading your content.

Because of this, your ranking will suffer.

7. Add multimedia

The content on your website should not only be text or written words. As mentioned, pictures are incredible as well, but there’s more you can add to enhance your SEO rankings. Consider adding other multimedia elements such as slideshows, videos, and audios. All of these helps improve the experience of the user.

Your audience is attracted to videos and wants to see more of them. It is more effortless for the brain to grasp information by watching something rather than reading it. There is also a direct correlation between videos and multimedia sources on your website and SEO rankings.

Thus, multimedia features can significantly improve the amount of time users will be navigating your website. Depending on the length of videos on your site, people could be on your page for a significant amount of time. If this is the case, it will kick up your search rankings.

8. Map content via the journey of the customer

Mapping the customer journey also helps enhance the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. It will help if you craft content focusing on the top level of the marketing funnel when your audience is searching for answers and solutions, yet they are not yet deciding on a particular brand or product just yet. It will help if you hire experts such as SEO companies in Brisbane.

It is the area where organic search will have a clear advantage over the PPC strategy. The top of the funnel is more expensive given the lack of quick conversion, so paid search typically does not bother with them.

But it would help if you did not neglect the middle of the funnel as well, wherein the customer is already comparing options. Also, the bottom of the conversion funnel when they are finally making a decision. One of the aspects of SEO that is so effective is it enables you to customize content so that the right person finds it at the right time.

Brisbane customers and audiences are online round-the-clock. The most popular activities of Brisbane adult internet users include web browsing, banking, and shopping. Mobile Internet speeds are fast-growing in Brisbane, so your SEO strategy must meet all 2021 requirements to satisfy the needs of your audience in the modern developed world.