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7 Ways to Use Luminoodles For Kids Room

Kids’ rooms must look like a sanctuary- they should feel optimistic, happy, energetic and safe in their rooms. It won’t be wrong to say that the decoration of your kids’ personal space plays an essential role in their mental health. A healthy room for kids should give them an impression of a solaced space. Your kids’ room should consist of natural light, large windows, beautiful, functional and modern artificial lights. A healthy room for kids with Luminoodles does wonders. It works in multiple ways and allows kids to enjoy in their own, personal little space. Either you opt for contemporary or modern lighting designs; they should be durable and colorful.

Following are 7 ways to use Luminoodles in your kids’ room:

1. Around Your Kids Sleeping Place

Luminoodles are wonderful LED lights that not only illuminate a room but also make it look pretty. People who want to install them in their kids’ bedroom can use it around their beds. These lights come in various lengths so you can check the bed’s dimensions and then buy the light accordingly. To make your kids’ bedroom vibrant and colorful, you can pick the Luminoodle Color Light Rope. This product comes with 15 different color settings and 10 brightness settings. It will allow you kids to choose their favorite color and level of brightness. You can also install it under their beds as well.

2. Behind Their TV Or Computer Monitor

Usually kids have a TV in their room which keeps them busy all day long. They watch different shows, play video games and watch movies to entertain themselves. Even though this activity keeps them busy but excessive use of a screen may strain their eyes. To protect your kids, you can install the Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting behind their TV or Computer screens. This product will add ambient light behind the screen. It will enhance the overall visual experience and will also reduce eye strain. It comes with a remote that will help them to change the brightness and colors while watching a show or playing a video game.

3. Around Their Dressing Area

Another way of using a Luminoodle in your kids’ room is by installing it around their dressing area. This will illuminate the whole area and will provide them ample light whenever they have to get ready for any special school event. Since these lights work without power as well, kids can also use them if there is a power cut. All you have to do is measure the size of the dressing table and then buy the lights accordingly. Luminoodles are available in warm and cool tones so you can choose them according to your preference.

4. As A Light-Cum-Lamp

Every kid has a different personality and different hobby. Some of them like to play outdoors, while others like to stay indoors and read books. If your kid is one of those who love reading books then we recommend that you use the Luminoodle as a reading lamp. Since these lights are flexible, you can coil them up and put it in a nylon bag or any glass vase. This will make them look like a lamp that you can place on your kids’ study table or side table. They can use this light-cum-lamp while they are reading their favorite book or studying for school.

5. In The Balcony

There are some kids who love to decorate their rooms with lights. It not only brightens up their room but also gives it a positive vibe. If your kids have a balcony in their room and if they like to keep it illuminated in the evenings then you use the Luminoodles for this purpose. You can twist the flexible led lights on the railings of the balcony. It will illuminate the whole area and add an aesthetic look to the balcony. Once the balcony gets installed with these lights, it can become a hangout spot for you and your kids. You can sit there in the evenings and spend quality time with them.

6. Inside the Cupboard

There are people who find it difficult to look for clothes in their closet or there are some people who do not get enough light in their closet area. If your kids face the same issue then we recommend that you use the Luminoodles. You can install these lights inside their cupboards or around their closet area. It will not only be easy for you to arrange their stuff but it will also be easy for them to find their clothes. Since these lights do not need constant power, they can prove to be a great resource for dark closet areas.

7. As A Lantern

There are some kids who cannot go to sleep in a complete dark room. They either keep a side table switched on or  their room’s light. If your kid is facing the same issue then you should buy the Luminoodle and use it as a lantern for your kids’ room. You can buy the Luminoodle Light Rope, stuff it in a bag or a lantern shaped jar and hang it on their room’s corner. If you do not want to buy a separate pouch, you can also use the pouch that comes with the light. The light comes with a remote so it is easy for kids to control it. It will help them move around the room at night without hurting their toe with the bed frame.