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7 Things That Make A Wine Bar Worth The Visit

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital, is known for its many festivals, sporting events, mouth watering food and not to mention, its top quality wine.

A night out with friends at a wine bar in Adelaide can be a blast, depending on the place you’ll go. Here, this article will discuss the top six things that make a trip to the watering hole an event to remember.

It’s Not About The Brand

Nothing can beat an independent, specialized winery. Often the best wine you get isn’t from big chains or companies, it’s from individuals or families that have created a unique, delicious experience at their winery. Ideally, you should also know exactly where your wine is sourced from. Your sommelier should have the answers to all your questions about the wine you’re drinking.

No Crazy High Markups or Upselling

Some wineries mark up their wines to an insane extent or has the sommelier recommend wines based on the price and profit they will make. Run from these! A good winery will have standard prices and won’t have the sommelier suggest drinks that will end up making the bill incredibly expensive. Listen to your gut ; it will tell you whether the winery wants to give you the best experience, or just rack up profits.

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Sending A Wine Back Is Not An Issue

Occasionally, you’ll find a wine that simply does not taste good. This could be due to it being rotten or corked ( when the cork of the wine becomes infected and the result is a wine that tastes like wet cardboard ) or maybe you just didn’t find it to your liking. Whatever the case, you should be able to send the glass or bottle back to the sommelier without negative judgement.

Get A Wine On The House 

Sometimes, the winery will mess up. They might serve you wine that isn’t chilled properly. But a good sommelier or winery will own up to their mistake and offer to comp it to make up for their mistake.

They Have Plenty Of Sparkling Wine Options, Not Just Champagne 

Basically, they have a lot of options, not just the expensive, pricey kind of wine. A winery or a restaurant specializing in wine should have stocks of cheaper wine too.

Most Of The Staff Are Experts On Wine 

Not every staff member will know about their wines in detail, but you can expect to talk about wine thoroughly with more than just the sommelier.

It’s A No Judgement Area

The sommelier will usually present you with a bunch of options and make suggestions. She or he will even tell you if your pairing is odd. But a wine bar should be a no judgement zone. If your sommelier scoffs or sneers at your choices, you’ll know that the winery is not for you. In that case, walk out.

There are so many options for a wine bar in Adelaide, and an authentic wine-focused restaurant or wine bar will let you explore the world of wines in a comfortable and delightful way.

Ultimately, going to a wine bar should be a fun and rewarding experience. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide what kind of winery you’ll be visiting and has helped you gain knowledge about the different factors that make a winery a good place to binge drink wine!

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