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6 Key Ways That COVID-19 is Impacting The Workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has had an undeniable impact on social conventions, giving time for individuals to consider why things are the way that they are, to revaluate purpose and meaning. Simple pleasures that were previously taken for granted are now longed for and Hand Sanitiser 1L has become a sought-after commodity.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically changed the way that we work. Here are 6 key ways that COVID-19 is impacting the workplace:

1. Working from Home

Working from home has its benefits – it can provide a more comfortable space for which to work in. However, it can reduce the capacity for collaboration and potentially have an impact on overall company cohesion. It is important for employers to make WFH life seem as normal as possible, and support employees individually.

2. Social Isolation

Overcoming social isolation is one of the greatest challenges of our modern times. Without colleagues around, employers must work with their staff to maintain team identity and ensure continued collaboration across different areas of the business.

3. The importance of Health Guidelines in Physical Spaces

Two people in an elevator at a time, only X amount of people in an office during certain hours. Get prepared to only see your favourite co-worker once or twice a week, if you’re lucky.

4. Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

Marketing professionals will have to reimagine their strategies to ensure that performance does not dip. As society spend more time on screens, workers will have to mainly target their consumer digitally.

5. Employee Flexibility in Location and Hours

Promoting flexibility within the workplace will be more beneficial than one set of rules to govern all as people have different values, needs and wants.

Certain employees may struggle working within the schedule of 9-5 due to having to make sure their kids stay focused during online learning, for example, and thus could work better later at night.

6. Online Meetings

The average employee’s commute has changed from public transport and gridlocked traffic to a small walk from the bedroom to home office. The repeated cries of ‘can you hear me?’ and ‘can you see my screen?’ are phrases that are all too familiar with the modern worker.