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5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Dental Cleaning

When was the last time you went to a good dental clinic? Hopefully, you haven’t missed too much deep cleaning, as this can have a huge effect on your overall health. This treatment would also assist you with keeping your face as vivid as it was before.

Poor oral hygiene is linked to a slew of major medical problems, including bone loss, tumours, strokes, and heart disease, which is why it is essential to clean your two or more consecutive quarters a day and floss daily. That goes a long way toward improving dental hygiene.

Daily flossing will not suffice and will only be successful if combined with at least twice-yearly visits to Ottawa’s dentists.

If you haven’t seen a dental professional in a year or so, plaque and tartar have most likely built upon the surfaces of your teeth and around your gum line. In reality, professional dental cleanings are recommended every six months! Many insurance policies offer two teeth cleanings a year at no out-of-pocket expense to you, so why not use the incentives to enhance your oral health? 

Here are five reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned properly regularly. 

The inevitable consequence of plaque and tartar development is addressed.

A Townsville dentist says, while unfortunate, no matter how good you brush your teeth at home, plaque and tartar build-up from normal bacteria and nutrients in your spit is almost likely to occur over time.

It is simply difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene at all times, no matter how pure your thoughts or how hard you try. A good home schedule is very valuable and can help to keep many problems at bay. However, suppose plaque hardens to the dental calcium known as tartar. In that case, it is impossible to dissolve without skilled assistance and, if left unchecked, will chew away at the teeth, making them fragile and vulnerable to other dental problems.

An increase in self-esteem

The immediate benefits of getting your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist will provide you with the extra boost you can need before a wedding, an interview, or simply as a treat. With a professional cleaning, you would have cleaner teeth, a brighter face, and fresher air. Tea, chocolate, red wine, and smoke stains are often removed with a single appointment.

Seeing a dentist is also a perfect way to keep your whiter smile following teeth whitening operation and is strongly advised before embarking on your teeth whitening journey.

1. It helps to keep gum disease away.

The figures on gum disease are also troubling – most people may experience a degree of tooth decay at some stage in their lives.

Gum disease would be the most common stage for the majority of people. At this point, there is likely to be some jaw swollen, possible bleeding while cleaning, and sometimes bad breath (halitosis).

Gingivitis may even lead to more aggressive periodontitis, a much more dangerous disease in which the bone eventually erodes and teeth become brittle, loose, and sometimes fall out.

Bacterial overgrowth causes gum disease. Daily specialist visits with a hygienist aid with removing deposits that build an atmosphere conducive to gum disease.

Though dangerous in and of itself, periodontitis is often related to other disorders such as cardiac disease, asthma, maternity complications, and perhaps cancer. Routine visits for skilled cleaning can indeed help avoid the onset of even more severe future issues.

2. It is covered

Most dental policies cover routine cleanings. It is in the insurer’s best interest for their customers’ oral hygiene to be taken care of to minimise the risk of more costly future dentistry.

And if you do not have dental insurance, a skilled cleaning is not a costly operation because the savings outweigh the costs. A professional brushing of the teeth restores their integrity and encourages the idea that prevention is easier than cure; it is preferable to ensure good oral health than to cause complications to arise and then struggle to fix them later.

Specific influences such as biology, diet and lifestyle, and even some drugs all influence oral health. A hygienist will instruct you about how often you can see them within a given time frame based on what is best for your oral health.

Maintaining monthly visits with a dental hygienist completes the overall oral care regimen, and who wonders, you might even be able to sleep through the treatment!

It is not painful.

Many hygienist visits are short and planned to be as convenient as possible.

The Airflow system, which uses a mixture of water and fine powder to eliminate surface residues and early tartar, is used to remove most initial treatment. The cleaning is more efficient and concentrated than anything you might do at home, but it is still soft. All of our patients have expressed gratitude for how painless this procedure has been, with some feeling asleep in their chairs!

If you are very sensitive, we will even include relaxation measures such as numbing agents.


Although doctors suggest seeing a dentist twice a year, you can make an appointment as soon as you see any signs of irregularities in your teeth. Dental cleanings at checkups are critical for retaining the appearance of your smile and maintaining the integrity of your teeth. Speak with one of our oral hygiene specialists today.

Create an appointment for a smoother, sharper, and happier face by inquiring about Teeth Cleaning in Ottawa. It’s definitely worth just a few minutes of your attention!

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