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5 Most Stylish Sportspersons in the World [2022]

When it comes to the most stylish people across the World, the list isn’t limited to actors alone. In fact, the sportspeople are just as stylish as them!

These professionals aren’t just admired for their skills and sportsmanship but also for the way they carry them. This is also implied to NFL players who have taken over every industry, including the gambling world. They are one of the reasons why NFL week 10 odds change for good.

Moreover, there are some sports people who are taking over the fashion world through their exclusive style. Wondering who we are talking about? Here’s the list.

Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr isn’t just the highest-paid NFL star but also an absolute style icon. Off the field, ODJ is known for his hyper menswear, bleached hair, and earrings!

His style is more on the bold side, with adequate versatility, authenticity, and elegance. OBJ is often called the NFL’s foremost embodiment of youth culture. He has sought viewers’ attention through his wild fashion choices and hot fashion trends of today, sometimes even on-field.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo isn’t just a power-packed goal scorer but also a trendsetter in the fashion industry. This is also the reason why he is listed among the top 20 most stylish athletes in the World.

The authorities couldn’t stop themselves from adding him to the list, thanks to that sleek, slim and sharp physique! His style has versatility, and we think no one else can carry a leather jacket with T-shirt and denim that flawlessly.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has always been leading the most stylish athlete charts for his on and off-court fashion sense. The Swiss athlete has also bagged the award for GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Decade.

He has also talked about how he prefers to keep things simple when not touring. In those cases, he rather prefers to wear “regular streetwear and basketball shoes with jeans and T-shirts.” Minimal yet classy!

Maria Sharapova

Next on the list, we have Tennis star Maria Sharapova, who isn’t just limited to being the winner of singles at Wimbledon but also her style. Sharapova believes in mixing things up when it comes to fashion choices. She likes to mix bold with patterns and looks stunning in every attire. From cap sleeve mini dresses, loose-fitting suits, or gowns, the girl can rock it all!

Ashlyn Harris

Lastly, we have American soccer star Ashlyn Harris, who is a fashion inspiration for several people around the World. Apart from being a focused player on the ground, she finds a way to look both stunning and functional at the same time.

Her style evolution includes her love for suits. She describes herself to be a “grungy, sporty-chic type of dresser,” and that’s justified! The 36-year-old goalkeeper believes in wearing influential and thought-out outfits and is already a favorite of Vogue.

So, these were our quick top 5 picks for most sportsmen around the World. Do you find our list justified? If yes, then who’s your favorite?