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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5 cocktails based on tequila

Top 5 cocktails based on tequila

Today, there are so many recipes for cocktails from 1942 primavera reposado, that even someone who has tried quite a few of them cannot decide which one is the best. Rich, soft, refreshing, and warming, they are suitable for noisy company and official events, gatherings in front of the fireplace, and for meeting with old friends. Here are the top 5 best cocktails that humanity has learned to prepare for the 1942 reposado primavera.

Classic “Margarita”

This cocktail of Latin American origin is prepared on the basis of tequila with the addition of lime juice and Cointreau. It also comes with a salt rim, which gives it a perfect taste. In some regions, instead of Cointreau, herbal liqueur damiana with an aphrodisiac composition is used.

When preparing a “margarita”, it is worth remembering a few simple rules. You should not replace the lime juice with lemon, because the unique tartness is lost. It is best to take silver tequila without aging or with aging for two months.


The original recipe calls for 1942 primavera reposado, grapefruit soda, and syrup. But there are also simplified recipes, where instead of grapefruit, its juice and simply carbonated water are used. With this cocktail, you can celebrate important events or treat yourself before dinner.

Limited edition 1942 is served in a highball glass with a salt rim on sweet syrup and ice. You can decorate with strawberries, mint, and sweet lovers can add 10 ml of haava syrup.

Soar tequila

If you’re looking for something refreshing yet tart and sweet, a tequila sour is it! The drink resembles something between a sour cocktail and a Margarita. The lemon-lime flavor awakens a feeling of lightness and freshness. And the foam top gives the cocktail festiveness and unusualness. All you need to create this drink of happiness is don julio 1942 limited edition primavera, lime juice, syrup, egg white, and bitters.

Ranch Water: a summer fizzy cocktail

West Texas is considered the homeland of this cocktail. It is made with primavera 1942, lime juice, and mineral water. This is a lighter and more playful version of the classic Margarita drink. Tip: use freshly squeezed lime juice, not store-bought. So the taste is revealed much more sharply. And for those who want a non-alcoholic version, it is enough just not to add a limited edition 1942. Then refreshing freshness and a lot of pleasure are guaranteed.

El Diablo: berry-citrus bouquet

In summer, when the heat forces you to hide in the shade, refreshing coolness is so necessary. A cocktail consisting of 1942 reposado primavera, crème de cassis, lime juice, and ginger beer gives just such a feeling. Bright citrus shades, the spiciness of ginger, and juicy berries are closely intertwined in an exotic bouquet of tastes.

It is believed that this recipe is more than 80 years old and was originally called “Mexican Devil”. For him, it is worth taking aged primavera 1942, in no case blank. French blackcurrant liqueur from Burgundy – crème de cassis adds special features. Served in a highball glass.

No matter which of the above cocktails you choose, each one will fascinate you with its special taste. Of course, it all depends on the quality and aging of the 1942 primavera reposado, which is the basis of each one. Don Julio 1942 limited edition primavera has enjoyed authority and popularity on the market for decades. This is a brand that remains relevant beyond time and space.

Therefore, choose your taste and try new combinations of cocktails with friends based on your favorite tequila – real Mexican alcohol.