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4 Tips to Select a Good Aroma Diffuser

In 2018, Australia’s essential oil imports value was 85 million US dollars. This value peaked in 2019, totalling 89.9 million US dollars. So, diffusing essential oils means releasing them into the air around you. It is an incredibly effective way to utilise essential oils and reap their benefits for your overall health. And as the name suggests, the oil diffuser spreads the essential oil that you put into it throughout the room. Thus, it creates a very enticing fragrance. 

Today, you can easily look into an aroma diffuser in Australia that utilises patented cool-mist technology. Such diffusers are ethically manufactured and sourced from wood pulp, ceramic, and BPA-free plastics, and they are available for big spaces, travel and office. So to choose a good diffuser, you must pay attention to certain factors and keep reading to learn about them. 

  • Know About the Types of Diffusers

You can find four different kinds of essential oil diffusers. They include the following:

  • Ultrasonic diffusers – In these types, you mix a couple of drops of your essential oils with a lot of water. Then, the mixture breaks down into an easily absorbable mist by the diffuser’s vibrations. Ultrasonic diffusers also function as humidifiers as they break down the water into atmospheric moisture. 
  • Heat diffusers – Similar to ultrasonic diffusers, they require you to mix essential oils with water. The diffuser heats the water and oil mix, breaking it down into a fine mist. As such, you need to use more essential oils to get the maximum out of your oils. 
  • Nebulising diffuser – These are among the most potent kinds of diffusers regarding the quantity of oil they disperse. And these are ideal for when you want to quickly and adequately circulate a big space with the scent of your favourite essential oil. 
  • Evaporative diffusers – These use a fan for dispersing your oils. A material called a pad absorbs the essential oils in the diffuser. Then, the fan’s airflow dispels the scent of oil into the air. As such, these diffusers quickly dispense the oil, and although the fan in them can make some noise during operation, these are also quite affordable. 
  • Consider Your Room Size

Size plays a critical role in buying an aroma diffuser. Hence, assess how big the room is where you want to use the diffuser. So if the room is large, the diffuser will take longer to fill it with the oil’s scent. You must also look into ultrasonic diffusers with a bigger water tank. But if you have bought an ultrasonic diffuser with a small tank, don’t purchase another one. Instead, increase the scent intensity by adding more oils as you blend it with the water. And for small spaces, buy a quiet diffuser with a decent scent distribution.

  • Find the Right Type of Oil

You also need to consider the flavour or type of essential oils you want to use with your diffuser. Essential oils differ in their thickness and chemical composition. For instance, some citrus oils have fragrances that can corrode the metal and plastic components of some diffusers. There are also some essential oils that leave a residue that clogs up the diffuser. So, it’s important to go through the manufacturer specifications on the kinds of essential oils, fragrances and blends that can work well with the diffuser you plan to buy. 

  • Find How Easy It Is to Clean

A diffuser cannot break down all the oil you add to it, and it implies that there is always some oil residue that sticks to specific parts of the diffuser. So, it’s essential to ensure that the diffuser you are buying can be cleaned easily. Also, remember to go through the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning the diffuser, as it will prevent you from using harmful materials to clean it. 

Today you can easily find an aroma diffuser in Australia with features like red LED lights to support sleep and built-in sound and music tracks. There are also various coloured light choices to explore. Thus, these diffusers help you benefit from a highly relaxing bedtime routine, which is crucial for your health.