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4 steps to getting back into your car after you’ve lost your keys

What a hopeless situation to lose your car keys! But luckily, it is solvable. You just have to take a breath, understand that the solution is not going to be in less than five minutes, but that you have to move to solve the problem as soon as possible. 

We recommend you not to leave your car alone unless it is an extremely quick trip to the place where you were meters away to see if your keys were left there. It is possible that your keys have not been lost, but stolen and they are waiting for you to take it away. After that, what to do? We tell you

First Step: Analyze the situation.

Are they really lost, have we left them inside the car, are they under the car? If there really is no logical option other than having lost them, then you must first confirm that absolutely all the doors are locked and there is no way to access them while you decide what to do. Both the suitcase and all four or two doors, if any of them are open you can access the car and look for your spare key inside or call someone to bring it to you. If you don’t have a spare key, you’re in trouble.

Second Step: Call the Locksmith

Don’t try to make it up like in the movies by connecting two wires or sticking something that isn’t in the outside door or cigarette lighter (if you did get in). Always try to have someone who can help you with non-empirical knowledge to avoid damaging your car and making the whole thing much more expensive than it was supposed to be. 

Locksmiths usually move in less than thestarsfact half an hour to your location, so don’t stress so much, you’ll get out of this one.

Step Three: Let them take a copy to make a key.

The most experienced locksmiths wrinky will take the proof directly from the car to make you a replacement key, both the outside door and the ignition key, and it will be given to you in about half an hour depending on how far away the locksmith’s shop is. If you are in a dangerous or unsuitable area, you will probably have to tow the car. 

Step Four: Order an extra copy

Now you have your key, you can drive your car, now you just need to be more cautious and ask for an extra key to avoid the same thing happening again in the near future. With the key copy in your home, you will only have to call a relative or your partner to send it to you.