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3 Ways To Look After Your Turf

Have you been looking for turf suppliers for your residential, commercial or trade turf? A reputable turf supplier will be able to assist you with selecting the best turf for your residential, commercial or trade area and provide a range of turf varieties such as Buffalo Grass, Empire Zoysia, Couch grass and many more.

When you have laid new turf, there are many ways to help your turf develop, grow and stay healthy through using an effective fertiliser that is best suited to your turf variety, ensuring you are watering your lawn the correct amount and keeping up to date with mowing, landscaping and the maintenance of your lawn. 

1. Utilise an effective lawn fertiliser 

A lawn fertiliser can assist your newly laid turf to establish itself well, as if the soil is fertilised before your new turf is laid, it will ensure your new lawn is healthy from the get-go. From this point, ideally you should fertilise your lawn regularly afterwards, 2 weeks after then every 8 weeks to continue the health of your new turf.

The main ingredients used in lawn fertiliser are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus which are the ingredients that assist your lawn in its development, health, and growth. Choosing a lawn fertiliser that is ideal for your turf variety is essential in keeping it looking green and vibrant all year round.

Timing the use of lawn fertiliser will provide you with optimum results for your lawn and keep it in its best shape. Generally using lawn fertiliser during summer, early spring and autumn are the best times to see results regarding climate and weather. Due to the heat in summer, your lawn may require some extra attention, so it is important to monitor it to ensure you are not neglecting your lawn or over fertilising it.

2. Ensure you are watering your lawn the ideal amount

Overwatering your lawn often causes damage to your lawn and its roots as overwatering can contribute to the lawn’s root systems suffocating from excess water and increased risk of fungal infections. A top tip to ensure you don’t overwater your turf is to water your lawn during the day when you can monitor how long it is being watered for, and the sunlight allows for the opportunity for water to be absorbed into the soil and for the rest to evaporate during the day. Watering your lawn at night does not allow for excess water to evaporate, which may lead to overwatering.

Deep watering may be beneficial for some varieties of turf if they have been laid recently for the turf to establish itself well. Deep watering ensures that water reaches the roots effectively to kickstart a healthy root system and is particularly beneficial during the summer months. Deep watering takes place for a long period of time and is done less frequently, in comparison to general watering which is typically done for a shorter amount of time but more regularly.

3. Keep up to date with landscaping

Generally, cutting your grass too short over time will damage and kill the turf. Although, mowing your lawn is beneficial for its health, growth and to appear lush year-round. During the warmer months in summer, it is important to mow your lawn more regularly in comparison to how often you may mow your lawn in the cooler winter months.

As an example, it is ideal to mow Buffalo varieties of grass to between 25 and 40mm. After mowing your lawn, it is important to dispose of all lawn clippings to avoid damage to your lawn through lack of airflow and increased humidity.

Monitoring and maintaining thatch in your turf is a great way to keep up with the health of your lawn. Thatch occurs between the surface of the grass and the soil, which is not harmful as long as there aren’t excess amounts of thatch that build up, mowing regularly will help to prevent this excess build up.

Reach out to a reputable turf supplier today!

If you are wanting to take extra care of your lawn or are wanting to lay new turf, reach out to a company who offers turf supplies Sydney. A reputable turf supplies company will be able to assist in providing the best practices to develop, promote growth and keep your turf looking green and vibrant all year round.

Ensuring you have prepared your soil for new turf, have a professional installation of your new turn and are utilising an effective irrigation system will all contribute to the success of your turf. Contact an experienced turf supplies company with assistance to promote your turf!