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3 Ways a Physiotherapist Can Help You

For many, going to see a physiotherapist can be daunting, perhaps you have never seen one and are unsure if you should. Often seeing a physiotherapist can be expensive and you don’t want to waste your money on non-essential treatment. Physiotherapists such as NQ Physio in Townsville have a wide range of skills, more than most people know and can be extremely valuable in improving peoples physical and mental wellbeing through effective physical rehabilitations.

Well today we will outline 3 ways a Physiotherapist can help you.

1. If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain

Now musculoskeletal can sound like some medical jargon put simply a physiotherapist can help you if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your muscles, joints, bones or other tissue. These can range from sports related injuries, repetitive strain injuries from working or any other injuries that effect the human body’s movement. A physiotherapist will conduct a thorough initial consultation to diagnose your injury or illness and apply their knowledge across a range of treatments to determine the best course of rehabilitation for you.  The aim of the rehabilitation will be to reduce pain and improve movement and function.

2. To manage your physical Wellbeing

Most people seek to actively manage their physical wellbeing whether it be for general wellbeing, addressing specific health issues or to prevent future injuries. Physiotherapists are able to guide patients about the best course of action for managing their physical wellbeing.  This often arises as patients graduate from their rehabilitation or don’t require consistent monitoring but wish to still improve their physical wellbeing. Physiotherapists will be able to recommend specific exercises or therapies that will continue to improve their clients help away from direct monitoring.

3. Help you after surgery

After a successful surgery there are still a number of factors contributing to the full rehabilitation of a patient. Physiotherapists often work with surgical patients to prepare their body before surgery and help them achieve full movement function in the affected area after surgery. This can include joint mobilisation, strength building, exercise prescription and ensuring correct biomechanics and movement. They can also work directly with the supervising surgeon or doctor to help patients keep on track with their rehabilitation timeline.

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