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3 Reasons to Choose a Financial Planner

When it comes to finances, there is no hiding from financial instability and financial freedom can sometimes feel impossible to attain. Many view financial planners as unessential when they could in fact be benefitting from their help.  So today we will run you through three reasons to choose a financial planner 

1. If your strategy is to “Google it”

When it comes to financial decisions you need to be well informed about the potential risks and rewards. If you think consulting google makes you an expert in managing your finances, it can be very dangerous. Financial planners such as Oak Financial Planning find that the biggest risks their clients face are the ones they were totally unaware of. In every aspect of our lives we value experience, you wouldn’t fix a broken pipe in your house if you didn’t have the experience or tools to do so, you would call a qualified tradesperson, so why shouldn’t you value a professional and expert opinion when it comes to managing your finances. Although it can seem ironic paying someone to look after your money financial advisors can save and make you money from their services.

2. When you are disorganised and don’t know where to start

Many people find it daunting to organise their finances or simply don’t have the time. If left unattended this mess builds up and can seem insurmountable. When contracting the services of a financial advisor they will help streamline your finances and consolidate your accounts. By simplifying your accounts, you can better manage them in the future and achieve your goals. A financial planner will also be able to advise on the best courses of action throughout auditing your accounts to ensure you are free from any potential risks and avoid unnecessary fees in the process.

3. When you are about to make a life changing decision

Big shifts in our life are often accompanied with serious financial implications, whether it be facing urgent medical bills, hopes to retire or receiving a lump sum of money, professional management of finances can make these stressful situations easier. Although it may be the first time you have dealt with this situation, financial planners constantly work with people in critical times of their life and are passionate about helping them make transitions in their life as smoothly as possible.