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3 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Have you been searching for bathroom renovation ideas for a small bathroom? It can be difficult to come up with inspiration for a bathroom renovation, particularly when you have a small space to work with, although there are a number of ways you can utilise the space you have. A few bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms include utilising storage space, showcasing a light colour scheme and making practical decisions.

1. Utilise storage space wherever possible

Wall niches are a great way to utilise and create more space for storage in your small bathroom. In addition, wall niches may be a good option to decorate your bathroom as they provide a space for decoration pieces that is out of the way to avoid clutter on surface areas such as vanities. Wall niches within a shower or near a bathtub are a great way to store bathroom products, keeping them off the floor and out of the way, whilst still keeping them easily accessible. Wall soap hangers in showers may also be an option. This can be a more elegant option in comparison to chunky shower caddies, to make the most of the space that is available in the shower and limit clutter.

In small bathrooms, it is beneficial to create drawer and cupboard space underneath a vanity to store your belongings. A floating vanity design may be useful for the floorplan space to appear larger whilst still providing excellent storage space with drawers. Custom made cabinetry may be designed for a small bathroom renovation to include cabinets and draws made specifically for your vanity shape and style. Vanity storage will take the plumbing structure into consideration, hiding any potential eye sores, which makes storage in this location so common.

Often small bathrooms have unusual floor plans or may have odd shapes and nooks due to their placement in the overall floorplan of the home. Making the most of these unique features and renovating a bathroom to suit its existing structure such as utilising vanities that incorporate various corners of the bathroom, can provide you with areas for ideal cupboards and storage. Making a detailed plan to address storage early on in your renovation is vital to successfully ensure your bathroom will handle your daily storage needs.

Another option to consider is a wall hung sink cabinet. These are a great way to increase storage space, while the front end of the cupboards can be mirrored. Big mirrors on wall hung sink cabinets are an effective way to make a small space appear larger!

2. Showcase a light colour scheme to make a small space appear larger

In general, lighter colours help to make a small bathroom space appear larger. Showcasing bright whites, beiges, greys, and natural tones will help to make the small space appear larger since light will come through the space easier and this will provide aesthetic purposes of a seamless transition from the floor to wall tiles. Many bathroom designers recommend a pop of colour along with a majority light colour palette for a small bathroom.

A unique tile in a neutral colour on the floor, and possibly continuing the tile up the wall creates a seamless transition and doesn’t break up the design of the bathroom. Utilising a frameless or semi-frameless glass shower door adds an element of luxury and makes a bathroom renovation appear more modern and will also assist in making your bathroom appear larger and make the space less cluttered.

3. Make practical lighting decisions

Bright lighting in a small bathroom often makes the bathroom appear open and inviting. Large windows with light coloured window shutters or blinds let a large amount of light into the bathroom. A skylight is an option for additional natural lighting if your bathroom roof structure allows for it, as a skylight can be positioned to let light in wherever you feel you need the most lighting in the bathroom. Skylights are also ideal for rooms with small windows or those that provide very little daily sunlight.

Choice of lighting fixtures and the colour of light bulbs can impact the appearance of your bathroom. When you are renovating your bathroom, you may like to choose lighting fixtures that match the overall design and theme of the bathroom and are an ideal size in comparison to the bathroom space. White light bulbs radiate a brighter, cooler toned light and yellow light bulbs radiate a warmer tone throughout the bathroom, so it is important to understand which look you are aiming for. Commonly, warm white light is the classic yellow look and is a relaxing light temperature, ideal for living spaces, including bathrooms. Whereas cool white is more often used to replicate daylight and popular in studies.

LED lighting is a luxurious element to add that can be installed within the ceiling, along the cabinetry or behind the mirror cabinetry. LED lighting adds a modern touch and can accentuate some of the design choices you have made within the bathroom to highlight specific features as they come in a wide variety of styles and designs. LED lights have become the popular choice as they are long lasting and efficient to run, although their initial cost is higher.

Are you ready to use one of these bathroom renovation tips?

If you have been looking to do a small bathroom renovation, a reputable and experienced bathroom design and renovation company can assist in creating a plan to suit your bathroom space and assist with sticking to a theme for your bathroom. A talented bathroom renovation company will be able to assist with the design process right through the decision-making process through to delivering the final result of your dream bathroom.